At Real Estate Investment Firm we work with skilled and experienced lending partners to offer a wide range of traditional and nontraditional financing options.  We understand that every individual, and every project, is different; our expertise lies in providing unique solutions to every investment opportunity.  Every lending solution that we present is strategically selected based on your unique investment blueprint and to the specific project being pursued.

As a specialized investment firm we have years of industry experience financing the purchase of:

  • foreclosures
  • muli-family residences
  • residential cash-flowing properties
  • bank-owned properties
  • fix and flips
  • land development opportunities to purchase land and subdivide
  • new construction projects
  • and more…

Because financing can be one of the most complicated parts of investing in real estate, and we are here to work alongside you to assemble a tailor-fit real estate portfolio.  While we are prepared to help you with many different types of financing, we specialize in the following:

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